Big initiative for the convenience of travelers in Kedarnath, UCADA will provide hi-tech vans and ATVs to tourists.

Uttarakhand Civil Aviation Development Authority (UCADA) is going to purchase three all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), three hi-tech health mobile vans and one hearse for the convenience of Kedarnath pilgrims. UCADA will purchase these from the profits from operating heli services this year. This year, UCADA expects to earn a profit of more than Rs 30 crore from operating heli services.

UCADA operates heli services
Every year lakhs of pilgrims come to the state to visit Kedarnath Dham. To facilitate the travel of these passengers, UCADA operates heli services from various places in Rudraprayag district. Regular tenders are invited for operating heli services. In these, this tender is given to the company which comes closest to the rental rate fixed by UCADA. After this the remaining companies are asked to work at the approved rate. UCADA also receives some percentage of this fare as service charge. In such a situation, UCADA is now preparing to use the money received from the profits for the facilities of the passengers. In this sequence, first three ATVs will be purchased. These will be used to take the pilgrims reaching Kedarnath by helicopter from the helipad to the temple.

UCADA will buy three hi-tech ambulances
Apart from this, UCADA will also purchase three hi-tech ambulances and one hearse and give it to the health department. These will be used to provide first aid services to passengers who fall ill during the journey and take them to the nearest hospital. Additional Secretary Civil Aviation and CEO of UCADA, C Ravishankar, says that UCADA will make all this purchase from the profits earned from operating heli services and then hand over these vehicles to the concerned departments for operation.