The valleys of the Yamunotri temple were closed for the winter amid heavy snowfall on Bhaiya Dooj festival.

The festive idol of the mother Yamuna was brought to Kharsali village for the winter sojourn with a doli yatra. Now in Kharsali in winter, mother Yamuna can be seen and worshiped.

On Monday, around 8:30 am on Bhaiya Dooj, the doli of Someshwar Devta (Shani Maharaj), brother of mother Yamuna from Kharsali left for Yamunotri Dham.
At 12:15 pm on the fixed Muhurta, the festive idol of the mother Yamuna was taken out of the sanctum sanctorum of the temple and placed in a doli and the doors of the Yamunotri temple were closed for the winter with legal legislation.

Amid heavy snowfall, Mother Yamuna’s Doli Yatra left for Kharsali village, six km from Yamunotri. Upon reaching Kharsali, the festive idol of the mother Yamuna was installed in the Yamuna temple.

The temple is decorated with flowers:
The temple was decorated with flowers on the occasion of the closure of Yamunotri Dham. On this occasion Mr. Yamunotri Temple Committee President / Deputy District Magistrate Barkot Chatar Singh Chauhan, Devasthanam Board Special Officer / Officer-in-Charge Yamunotri AS Negi, Temple Committee Secretary Kriteshwar Uniyal, Anoj Uniyal, Ashutosh Uniyal Police Administration Officer-Employee and Teerth Purohit are present. are.

Media in-charge of Devasthanam Board, Dr. Harish Gaur told that eight thousand devotees reached Yamunotri Dham this year. With the closure of the Yamunotri Dham kapat, the Kedarnath Dham doors closed for the winter this morning, while the Gangotri Dham kapat closed on the occasion of Annakoot on 15 November. The doors of Badrinath Dham will be closed for cold season on November 19 at 03:35 pm.

Message of Yamuna cleanliness given through Jan Chetna Yatra:
SDM Chatar Singh Chauhan, SO DS Kohli, Kamal Bisht, National Vice President of Karni Sena Raj Shekhawat, Sachidanand Uniyal, Vedprakash Uniyal, Ashutosh Uniyal, Anoj Uniyal, Jagmohan Uniyal, Anusuya Singh in charge of Yamunotri Management Board on the closure of the Yamunotri Temple Negi etc. were present. While in Kharsali, Yamunotri MLA Kedar Singh Rawat, Manmohan Uniyal, Pradeep Uniyal, Purushottam Uniyal, Ranveer Rana etc. welcomed mother Yamuna’s doli.

The Namami Yamuna Jan Chetna Yatra, started from Dehradun by Gram Swaraj Sansthan, reached Kharsali on Monday to make Yamuna river clean and serene. Earlier on Monday morning, the local people including Municipality Anupama Rawat welcomed the visit in Barkot.

The head of the yatra, Rajendra Semwal, president of Anmol Village Swaraj Sansthan, said that the yatra was taken with the aim of keeping the river Yamuna clean and holy. Folk singers Poonam Sati, Shanti Thakur, Acharya Baleshwar Dham, Kusum Kandwal, Ramswaroop Thapliyal, Sushil Semwal, Govind Bhatt, Suresh Dimri, Suraj Lohni, etc. were present on the occasion.

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