3 tips: Do You know the Benefits of Pumpkin seeds!

You will be surprised to know that not only pumpkin, but also its seeds are beneficial for your health.

Pumpkin or Sitaphal is as tasty as eating, it is equally beneficial for health. Beta carotene present in pumpkin helps in fighting free radicals in your body. Many organic chemicals and nutrients are found in pumpkin seeds.

3 tips do you know the benefits of pumpkin seeds…

Rich in Vitamins:

Pumpkin is a very good source of beta carotene in addition to vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin B1, B2, B6, vitamin C and E. Pumpkin also contains copper, iron and phosphorus due to which pumpkin is very nutritious for health. But you will be surprised to know that not only pumpkin, but also its seeds are beneficial for your health. Pumpkin seeds contain many nutrients and chemicals, which are beneficial for your health. Let us know for which diseases pumpkin seeds are helpful for you.

  1. Beneficial for heart Diseases:

Pumpkin seeds are extremely beneficial in dealing with cardiovascular problems. If you consume about 2 grams of pumpkin seeds every day, then you will get benefit. Pumpkin contains fiber, potassium and vitamin C. Consumption of potassium reduces the risk of heart diseases.

  1. Effective for joint Pain:

According to Doctor, intake of pumpkin seeds is considered beneficial for arthritis patients. Pumpkin seeds can be used as natural herbs. It does not have any negative effect on your body. Consumption of pumpkin seeds causes proper development of blood and energy levels in the body.

  1. Pumpkin is beneficial for better Sleep:

Tryptophen protein is found in pumpkin seeds, it is considered as a sleeping factor. Consumption of pumpkin seeds gives relief in sleeplessness. The amino acid tryptophan present in it transforms serotonin in the body and helps in deep sleep. So if people who do not sleep regularly take pumpkin seeds, then they will get better sleep than normal days. Apart from this, they are also helpful in removing tension between pumpkins.


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