Before Sonia’s appearance in ED, the state leadership was called to Delhi, opposition to the Agneepath scheme would be woven.

An important meeting has been called by AICC in Delhi. Senior Congress leaders, state presidents and MLAs have been called from the states for the purpose of deciding the future strategy in Delhi to discuss many issues.
An important meeting has been called by the AICC in Delhi to decide the party’s stand in view of the situation arising in the country after the appearance of Congress National President Sonia Gandhi in the ED on June 23 and the Agneepath scheme. State level leaders have also left for Delhi to attend the meeting.
State President Karan Mahra alleged that the Enforcement Directorate (ED) is being harassed in the name of investigation by repeatedly calling Rahul Gandhi out of a sense of political malice at the behest of the central government. Under this, on June 23, National President Sonia Gandhi has also been called by the ED for questioning. At present, there is a ruckus in the country regarding the Agneepath scheme of recruitment in the army. The youth of the country is leading a movement without leadership. Due to this, national property is being damaged continuously. To discuss all these issues, senior Congress leaders, state presidents and MLAs from the states have been called in Delhi for the purpose of deciding the future strategy.
He alleged that the central government is trying to defame the Congress and suppress the voice of the opposition by forwarding the ED, which will not be allowed to succeed. On the other hand, the central government is playing with the future of youth in the name of Agneepath scheme, due to which many questions are being raised by political and social organizations regarding the security of the country.

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