Beware: Be careful with the smoke of firecrackers in Deepawali.

Deepawali is a festival of light and joy, not of noise and smoke. Celebrate the festival, but not by ignoring your health, safety and others. It is a festival of lighting the lamps. It is a day to embrace all the bitterness by eradicating all bitterness, blessing the elders. Do not let it get lost in the noise of firecrackers.
Noise causes noise pollution:
According to Dr. Piyush Tripathi, Senior ENT Surgeon, District Hospital (Coronation), most crackers emit a sound of more than 80 decibels. Due to which conditions like deafness, high blood pressure and insomnia occur. Children, pregnant women and people suffering from mother-in-law’s problems increase their problems due to excessive noise and pollution. Those who have been exposed to gunpowder and dust mingled with dust particles in the air, cough, eye irritation, skin rashes can also cause vomiting.
Health hazard:
Senior dermatologist Dr. Anil Arya explains that apart from increasing health hazards, indirect effects have been seen indirectly from firecrackers. If the firecrackers are not run carefully, the skin may get scorched and it has a burn mark for a long time. Many people have been badly injured due to fireworks in the wrong way and many lives have been lost. Burning of firecrackers also causes severe damage to the skin, hair and pupils of the eyes. Harmful chemicals present in firecrackers cause skin dryness and allergies. Hair follicles weaken due to the spread of harmful chemicals in the environment, resulting in hair breakage and the natural structure of hair also deteriorates. A slight injury to the eyes due to firecrackers also leads to allergic conditions and blindness.
Keep eyes safe:
Dr. Sushil Ojha, Head of the Department of Eye Department of Doon Medical College said that the level of pollution increases due to fireworks which is harmful to the eyes. Always fire crackers in open spaces and take special care of distance. Wear glasses etc. to avoid accident. After making Rangoli, wash your eyes thoroughly with soap. So that the chemical substance does not go into the eye.


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