BCCI will give 40 crore annually to Uttarakhand, provision of budget made for salary and allowances

BCCI will give 40 crore annually to Uttarakhand

The BCCI will provide Rs 40 crore annually to the Cricket Association of Uttarakhand for other expenses including development and maintenance of cricket resources in Uttarakhand. The BCCI has made a provision of Rs 40 crore for Uttarakhand in its annual budget.

After getting full recognition by the BCCI, now the efforts for the betterment of cricket and cricketers in the state have started gaining momentum. In this series, the BCCI’s budget of 40 crores will be given for the construction and maintenance of the grounds of the association, the facilities of the players, the coaching, the support staff and the salary and allowances of the office personnel and the expenses of the office.

CAU secretary and BCCI vice-president Mahim Verma said that the state will start benefiting from this session. This will improve the coaching, field facilities and other arrangements of the players.

Ganguly crowned glory

Mahim Verma was crowned by President Saurav Ganguly and other office bearers after the results were announced at the BCCI AGM on Wednesday. Ganguly took him to the vice-chamber and sat on the chair. He also presented a bouquet to Mahim. CAU on this occasion

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