Badrinath highway became risky… Kedarnath operations stopped on third day.

The Kedarnath Yatra could not be conducted for the third day due to the intermittent rains and the journey being interrupted by the landslide at Gaurikund’s horse stop and Choudi Gadere.

The third day of Kedarnath Yatra has not started yet. The Rudraprayag-Gaurikund highway is blocked due to boulders falling from the hill at Munkatia.
The Badrinath highway is closed at Kshetrapal and Lambagad. However the highway here is opening and closing frequently. Which makes the highway risky. Gangotri Highway is blocked near Dabrani and Yamunotri Highway is blocked near Paligad and sewing band. Efforts are on to open the route.

Passengers stopped in Sonprayag
The Kedarnath yatra could not be conducted even on the third day. Passengers were stopped at Sonprayag by the administration and police. While the passengers returning from Kedarnath have been safely evacuated to Gaurikund by SDRF.

The Gaurikund-Kedarnath walkway was blocked due to a landslide at Horse Stop and Choudi Gadera in the early hours of Thursday. Here stone and debris kept falling from the hill. During this period, more than 20 passengers who reached to visit Dham were stopped by the administration at Sonprayag itself.

According to officials, due to the rain in the area, the footpath has also remained very sensitive in Chirbasa, Junglechatti, Bhimbali, Lincholi and Chhani Camp. At these places, there is a risk of stones falling and landslides from the hills. At the same time, there is a danger of slipping from the mud at places with icebergs.


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