Hundreds of crowd arrived at DAV College many years ago to listen to Baba Nagarjuna.

Many years ago a crowd of hundreds reached the DAV College to listen to Baba Nagarjuna, one of the prominent poets of the country. He also narrated his compositions at the poetic seminar of MKP College. On the occasion of the death anniversary of Baba Nagarjuna, Dr. Atul Sharma, the poet, shared his memories.

Dr. Atul Sharma said that he met Baba Nagarjuna in Jaiharikhal. His birthday program was then organized in the area, in which people associated with literature including Shekhar Pathak, Rajeev Lochan Shah, Girish Tiwari Girda, Bally Singh Cheema, Yogesh Panthari, Jagat Ram Mishra, Arun Maheshwari of Delhi Vani Prakashan were present. Vani Prakashan released Baba Nagarjuna’s book ‘Aisa Kya Keh Kya De Main’ there. After this the poet seminar was also organized.
Baba Nagarjuna also attended the poetry seminar organized during the DAV PG College Students’ Union week. There was a huge crowd in the large hall of the library to hear them. He recited poems and also interacted with the audience. Dr. Sharma told that after this Baba reached my house and there was a discussion of poetry and literature.
Baba also recited his poems at a seminar held at MKP PG College. Even today, Dehradun has a large number of people who want them. Baba did not speak of the last man sitting in the drawing room. He kept writing in struggles, that is why his compositions are classical today.

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