In the management of B.Ed colleges affiliated to Kumaon University, tension has started before the entrance examination to fill the seats of this course.

Especially in private B.Ed. colleges, management of quota is being self-funded and management quota seats are being ensured. The university’s B.Ed. M.Ed entrance exam is to be held on 8 November. The 49 colleges affiliated to the university have close to four thousand seats. For this, more than eight thousand candidates have applied online. To increase the number of candidates, the application date was also extended.

Shortage after 2010:
In fact, after 2010, due to lack of appointment opportunities for teacher posts, the craze in the candidates regarding B.Ed has reduced. Earlier, private colleges traded for lakhs of rupees in addition to the prescribed fee for each seat. In particular, the NRI quota was even bid for seats. When the matter reached the High Court, strict guidelines were issued. Under the leadership of state agitator Mohan Pathak, there was a widespread movement against disturbances in B.Ed colleges. The result was that admissions would be done only after transparency counseling. Most private BEd Colleges were opened in Kudam in Udhmsingh Nagar district of Haldwani, Nainital. The B.Ed course started with half-finished standards. There was an inquiry from the government level. The earning of the university has also decreased due to less application.

Increased competition for government quota:
The contestants now compete for admission in the BEd seats of government quota. There are government quota seats in Haldwani, Pithoragarh, Almora colleges in which the fee is extremely low. In addition there is competition for self-financed seats in government degree colleges. However, this time it will be interesting to see how the private BEd colleges weave their seats to fill seats.

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