No benefit of Ayushman scheme in private hospitals…

Expensive injections to severe corona patients are not available in private hospitals under the Ayushman scheme. Family of patients have to buy this injection from outside. Due to which, especially economically weaker people are facing a lot of difficulty. At the same time, the claims of the government are also being exposed.

After the increase of infected patients in government hospitals and covid care centers, the government has also provided treatment facilities to corona patients in some private hospitals. For this, the government has also fixed rates for all medical facilities.
In this, ICU, beds, medicines and PPE kits are provided to the patients under the Ayushman scheme, but acute pneumonia and severe chest injections are not available under the Ayushman scheme. In government hospitals where this injection is free.

While this injection is coming to the market of about five thousand rupees. This injection has to be administered several times to a patient. Which is overshadowing the family of the patient. Due to this, patients coming under the Ayushman scheme are facing problems.

This injection is very expensive and is applied only to serious patients admitted to the ICU. Patients who really need this injection, give a separate description of the private hospital. He will be paid separately to hospitals under Ayushman Yojana.
– DK Kotia, President, State Health Authority


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