Uttarakhand Ayurvedic medicine trial stuck…

Uttarakhand’s medicine, which claims the Ayurvedic treatment of Corona, has been approved for trial by the Central and State Government, but the case is pending in Doon Medical College. Trial has been hanging in the rules screw for two months. The medical college administration has given another list of rules to Dr. Rajesh Adana, who is dispirited.

Actually, Dr. Rajesh Adana, Medical Officer of the Government Ayurvedic Hospital Pauri, has prepared this medicine by mixing three Ayurvedic medicines to treat the symptoms of Kovid. He sent his proposal to the central government, which was accepted. His proposal to be selected is the only one in the state.
Dr. Adana told that after this, he sought the permission of the trial from the State Department of AYUSH, which was accepted. Since the trial could be conducted in a hospital with allopathic treatment, they sought permission from the state health department.

On this, trial was allowed in Doon Medical College. When he contacted the Doon Medical College, he referred the matter to his Ethical Committee. The Ethical Committee referred the matter to the Directorate of Health Research.

Drug trial not allowed
After this, the wait of two months is over but they have not been allowed to trial the drug. He says that if the only selected drug for treatment of corona was given by the Ayush Pradesh, then the state could have achieved a big success.

What is Corona treatment medicine
Dr. Rajesh Adana said that although there is no mention of corona in Ayurveda, but there are three medicines for treating the symptoms of corona, which are considered as safe drugs. They also have no side effects. Their full information is given in Charaka Samhita. It is from the mixture of these three medicines that he prepared the medicine. They believe that this corona can be controlled.

We sent the proposal of Dr. Rajesh Adana to our Ethical Committee. The case was then referred to the Directorate. Some information has been sought from there. Till all the formalities are completed, we cannot allow trial as per the rules.
-Dr. Ashutosh Sayana, Principal, Government Doon Medical College


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