Vijay Jyoti that was sent by Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived today in Dehradun.

Vijay Jyoti, that was sent by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday, reached Dehradun on Friday to mark 50 years of the 1971 war. Here, Vijay Jyoti was strongly welcomed by army personnel and officers. Vijay Jyoti was given a salute in front of the statue of Shaheed Jaswant Singh, near the lake, which reached Clementown. During this, the war participants take. General Anand Swaroop enthused military officers and soldiers by sharing experiences during the war.

Vijay Jyoti reached in front of the statue of Shaheed Jaswant Singh near the lake of Clementstown at around 10:30. Whereas MLAs Vinod Chamoli, GOC 14 Rapid Major General Rahul R Singh, Cantt Board President Brigadier Ravi Dimri, CEO Abhishek Singh Rathore, Vice President Bhupendra Singh Kandari, BJP leader Mahesh Pandey and Vijay Jyoti were welcomed by the residents of Clementstown.

During this, Brigadier Ravi Dimri handed over Jyoti to 1971 heroes Captain Haridutt Pandey and Subedar Man Singh Bisht. After saluting Vijay Jyoti here, Vijay Jyoti was brought to Ranjit Singh Auditorium of Golden Key Division. There GOC 14 Rapid Rahul R Singh along with other military officers and soldiers welcomed Vijay Jyoti with a salute. During this period, former military officers, soldiers and brave women who contributed to the 1971 Indo-Pak War were honored. During this time, honoring the jabbers, Commandant of IMA, Le. General Harindra Singh said that the 1971 war was a pre-war battle. This war proved how capable India and its soldiers are.

It was said that this war between India and Pakistan was the largest after World War Two. In addition to India, a large number of Pakistani soldiers, JCOs were injured and killed. Even though this fight was for 13 days, it was an important face-to-face battle. After this, India has not fought such a war in the last 40-50 years, but at present such situation is being created with China. Therefore, Army soldiers, officers will have to learn from this fight and those who participate in it.

He was awarded:
– AVSM, Mahavir Chakra, Lt. General Anand Swaroop
– Brig Mahendra Pratap Singh Gupta
– Army Medal, Brig NK Gupta
– Brig Balraj Kapoor
– Subedar Major, Dhan Singh
Subedar Major, Mohan Prasad Joshi
Subedar Major SS Bisht
– Subedar Avtar Singh
-Narendra Kumar Overroy
– Ranjit Singh Negi, Air Force
– CPO Mahendra Singh, Indian Navy

These brave women were honored:
– Chitra Devi
– Bhundra Devi
– Prabha Devi

Lt. General Anand Swaroop fills up:
On Vijay Jyoti’s arrival in Dehradun on the occasion of Victory Day, he was posted on the important front during the 1971 Indo-Pak war in an event organized by the Army’s Golden Key Division. General Anand Swaroop enthused the military officers, JCOs and soldiers present by sharing the stories and experiences of the war.

Take The General said that when the Indo-Pak war started, he was the Commander of the Army’s Kilo Force at that time. Which was formed at the same time and the Force was dismantled after the war ended. At that time four battalions were sent with them, two from India and two from Bangladesh. Out of this, there was a battalion which did not have war experience. He was only working in insurgency areas.

So training them in a short time was no less of a challenge, but all did well in battle. During this time, he captured the important area of ​​Pakistan in three days. After this, Kumira Haat was also captured after 48 hours of struggle. Pakistan was stronger than us during the war. He had good weapons, ammunition and equipment, whereas we had nothing of the sort. Despite this, we were victorious in this war and told the world that India is moving towards a powerful nation.

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