Kumbh: Parking and ISBT will be built around the border of Haridwar

In Haridwar Kumbh, temporary ISBT (Inter State Bus Terminal) will be constructed outside the city limits in all four directions of Haridwar to stop the bus coming from other states outside the city limits. Along with this, big parking will also be built on the urban border itself, so that vehicles coming from outside on the big bathing festival can be prevented from entering the city. The fair establishment will conduct special public transport to bring passengers of these vehicles to the city. ISBT and parking will be made equipped with all facilities, there will be other facilities including stop, eat and other facilities for the pilgrims. The plan for this has been prepared, construction will be started soon.

During the Kumbh transition period, the Kumbh Mela Establishment, which was preparing for the Kumbh, is giving special emphasis on crowd control to the health protection of the devotees coming to Haridwar from other states during the Kumbh. Efforts are being made to develop some such system for the pilgrims, so that their religious sentiments are not hurt, all the objectives of their coming to Haridwar in Kumbh should be fulfilled and they can fulfill them without any problem and health problems. Make tax return to your homes safe. For this, the fair officer Deepak Rawat and his team are preparing such a plan that during the Kumbh Mela, especially during the special bathing festival, the urban area, especially the Kumbh Mela area, should not be allowed to gather more crowds at a time. The plan is that devotees from one side enter the Kumbh Mela area, complete their religious rituals as soon as possible and get out from the other side.

For this, crowd control has been chalked out to ISBT and large parking outside the urban limits, which will send the Kumbh Mela area to the Mela Mela Establishment Fair area in a controlled manner according to the availability of space in the area. This will not only control the overcrowding in the Kumbh Mela area at one time. And the city will also be saved from the rush of vehicles.
ISBT will be built on the highway coming from Delhi, Moradabad, Dehradun

Haridwar: During Kumbh, vehicles coming from Dehradun will be stopped near Haripur Kalan, temporary ISBT will be built here and there will be parking. Vehicles will not be able to go further from here. Similarly, vehicles and buses coming from Moradabad-Bijnor direction will be stopped in Kangri and the ISBT and parking near it. Buses and vehicles coming to Haridwar from Delhi towards Roorkee will be stopped at Shantarshah. There is a plan to stop vehicles and buses coming to Haridwar from Saharanpur direction in Dhanori area before Bahdrabad. Similarly, there is a plan to stop the vehicles-bus coming to Haridwar before Laksar and Jagjitpur via Purkarji-Luxor via Delhi-Meerut.

Haridwar-Luxor-Delhi National Road can be made a single direction route

Haridwar: To ensure crowd control and return of devotees towards Meerut-Delhi, the Mela Foundation is also seriously considering a plan to make Haridwar-Luxor-Purkaji Marg a single route to go only towards Meerut-Delhi. . It has been decided that this scheme will be implemented in the event of increased congestion and increased vehicular pressure on the Haridwar-Delhi National Highway. Similarly, there is a plan to stop the vehicles and buses coming to Haridwar before Chandipul via Chila via Rishikesh.

‘The fair establishment is working on a variety of schemes to control congestion and reduce vehicular pressure. Under this, arrangements have been made to stop vehicles and buses coming from every direction to Haridwar on the urban border. For this, along with making ISBT out of the urban limits on every road, big parking with all facilities is being made.
Deepak Rawat, Kumbh Mela Officer

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