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In view of Kovid-19, the Chief Minister Shri Trivendra Singh Rawat has asked all the district collectors to focus on adopting a human and practical approach in solving the problems of the common man according to the situation of the district. He said that marriage should see the practicality of both the bride and groom’s parties in marriage. Such cases can also be endogenous. Permission should be given for marriage in compliance with the social distance and other instructions of the Central Government. The Chief Minister has also instructed that those who are stuck in lock down due to their kinship etc. should be allowed to go to the districts of the Green category after conducting a health test. Not only this, those who have completed 14 days in quarantine should be arranged to be sent to the place after the health test on the 15th day.

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On Monday, Chief Minister Shri Trivendra having a wide ranging discussion regarding review of rescue and relief works related to it in view of Kovid-19 through video conferencing with the high officials of the government and the compliance with the instructions given by the Government of India at the Chief Minister’s residence on Monday. Instructed that in view of the common and lynching season in the larger interest of tenants Coming contractors to Ry may also provide the necessary traffic to facilitate the medical security checks. He said that in the interest of farmers who grow peas, the industries that process frozen peas should also be encouraged. The Chief Minister instructed to ensure the movement of people migrating in the frontier districts of Uttarkashi, Chamoli and Pithoragarh, fodder, livestock and drinking water in the summer and winter season.

The Chief Minister said that due to the lock down, thousands of people have done reverse migration in the state, their number can increase even after the lock down, for this, a proforma has been prepared in which complete details of their efficiency etc. are to be prepared. For this, 30 thousand applications have been sent. This process will be helpful in preparing future plans. District officers should keep this in mind in their districts.

The Chief Minister also expected all the District Magistrates to encourage more and more people to contribute to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund. This money can help a lot in public welfare works. He has given clear instructions to the district collectors that whatever instructions are being issued by the state government in relation to the relief and rescue operations of Kovid-19, they should be followed with utmost seriousness.

The Chief Secretary Mr. Utpal Kumar Singh asked all the District Magistrates to pay attention to the deployment of medical staff in the district as well as their training so as to help in meeting future challenges. He said that according to the instructions of the Government of India, arrangements should be made to conduct the operations related to agriculture and farming smoothly. In the interest of migrant labs, arrangements should be made to provide employment to them in coordination with industries. He also directed that regular health check-up and efforts should be made to boost their morale in migrate camps.

He said that there is also a talk of truck drivers carrying essential goods for 14 days in certain districts for quarantine, to check the health of such drivers and let them go. He also asked to pay attention to the accounting of the material being distributed.

The Chief Secretary should release all the district magistrates who have been posted in the forest department in view of Kovid-19 for the rescue work of Vanagni, instead of posting PRD volunteers.

Additional Chief Secretary Shri Om Prakash said that as per the instructions of the Government of India, work related to National Highway, Chardham Road Project, Kumbh Mela, 75 percent progress works related to bridges, NABARD, Lonivi, State Plan and District Plan are to be done. , It is to be conformed to operational standards. Along with providing necessary facilities to the construction workers, they have to do weekly monitoring and authority engineer, J.E. Asked to ensure the deployment of the

Principal Secretary Industries Manisha Panwar, Secretary Health Shri Nitesh Jha, Secretary Finance Mr. Amit Negi, Secretary Urban Development Mr. Shailesh Bagoli, Secretary Drinking Water Mr. Arvind Hayanki, Secretary Agriculture Mr. R. Meenakshi Sundaram, Secretary Food Mr. Sushil Kumar and Director General of Police Shri Anil Raturi discussed the arrangements made at his level with the District Magistrates. District collectors also informed the Chief Minister about their problems.


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