Announcement by CM Trivendra Singh Rawat.

Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat has said that colleges will be opened in all the development blocks of the state. He announced to open a college in Bhainsiachana block of the district, sanctioning 31.67 crore for development works in Soban Singh Jeena University Almora. He said that work should be done to raise the level of university education in the state.

He said to increase employment opportunities by promoting adventure tourism along with tourism in the state. Chief Minister Soban Singh was addressing the civic reception at Gina University. He said that there are many expectations from universities.

The government consults universities. Make the level of university education so that they can be appointed as consultants. Work will have to be done in order to use the natural resources of the hilly region for the economic development of the state. Study the university to remove unemployment.

Coordination between students, teachers and parents is necessary for the environment of education in the University to be good. Work has to be done to prevent migration from the villages. This way the university can work better. He said that the government is working to promote tourism. For this, it is important that the roads become better, then only tourists will come.
Block headquarters will be connected by double lane roads:
Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat has said that road facilities will be improved up to the development block level in Uttarakhand. The development headquarters will be connected with double lane road to control road accidents and road accidents.

He said that most of the roads connecting the block headquarters are less wide. For ease of transport, one and a half lanes of roads connecting less populated development blocks and double lane roads connecting more populated blocks will be connected. Double lane road will make the access in these areas more safe and convenient. This will also help in controlling traffic and preventing road accidents.

CM said that the goal of connecting all villages of the state by road is also nearing completion. In the coming time, the roads connecting the state to the country’s capital will also be completed. By reaching the railways to Karnprayag, the people of the state will not only have the convenience, but with this Chardham Yatra will also get new dimensions.

People are breaking the rules in the road safety month itself
In the road safety month started on January 18, people are fiercely breaking traffic rules. Somewhere, three riders are filling the front of the police without putting on helmets, then some one is running his vehicle on the wrong side without any freak. In commercial vehicles too, more passengers are being accommodated.

National Road Safety Month may have started to make people aware of traffic rules, but the rules of traffic rules are being flown openly here. On the other hand, the graph of road accidents is increasing day by day.

Even after this, the process of illegally boarding passengers in Daggamar vehicles and autos is going on. In such a situation, the road safety month is just visible in the papers. On the one hand, officials are seen making people aware, on the other hand, there was a fierce mockery of traffic rules on the roads. In such a situation, the question arises as to how to take action to follow the traffic rules.

Daggamar vehicles also cause accidents:
Lines of Daggamar vehicles are available at many other places including Rishikul Maidan, Highway Saptarishi area of ​​the city. These vehicles make riders sit on the side of the gate in the greed of a few rupees. In such a situation, there is often a fear of accidents on bad roads. The reality is that the round of road safety month is seen only for a few days in the city. Whereas traffic rules are not even mentioned to make people aware in villages.

The traffic police is continuously taking action by running a campaign. If one does not follow the rules, instructions have been given to cut his challan and take effective action.
– Senthil Abudai Krishnaraj S, Senior Superintendent of Police

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