Air force officials made an air tour of the China border with Uttarakhand.

A team of Indian Air Force officers arrived at Chinyalisaur Airport of strategic importance once again on Thursday. Officers from multi-purpose aircraft AN-32 reviewed the airport arrangements. During this, he also made an aerial tour of the areas bordering China by helicopter.

The Indian Air Force has intensified its activities in the border areas since tensions between India and China a few months ago. Under this, Air Force officials are constantly inspecting the airport.

In addition, trial landing and take-off of various models of aircraft and helicopters are also being practiced at the airstrip. In this episode, a team of officers from Prayagraj Air Base arrived at Chinyalisaur Airport on Thursday morning where they took stock of the runway, control room etc.

Information about important arrangements was also collected:
Also, information on necessary arrangements at the airport was also collected during emergency operation. Meanwhile, the officials also collected important information by helicopter by air tour of the marginal Harshil and Nelang areas.

However, in the context of national security, no information was shared with the media in this regard. After inspection, all the officers returned from the AN-32 aircraft at around 2 pm.

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