The duration of the internship can be from eight weeks to one year.

Now after completing graduation in Uttarakhand, you will get a three-month internship in your Municipal Corporation or Municipality. Not only an internship but during this period a stipend will also be available from five to 45 thousand rupees. The Urban Learning Internship Program (Tulip) of the Central Government is going to implement the Directorate of Urban Development in all the eight municipal corporations and all the municipal bodies of the state.

The duration of the internship can be from eight weeks to one year. The Tulip program is offering a huge internship opportunity in India through 4400 urban local bodies and smart cities. No specific budget has been set for this, but urban local bodies and smart cities can use the administrative expenses allocated by the Center to pay salaries or allowances if desired.

In this regard, they can also determine their own selection process. The applicant who took advantage of this scheme should have completed the final year of college within the last 18 months along with being an Indian citizen. Through the internship, students will get experience of working in practical situations, so that they can easily face the challenging market conditions.
How will you choose
The concerned corporations or municipal bodies can decide the process of selection of youth doing internship under it from their level. He can also base the test or merit for selection. Youngsters who do internships will also be given certificates from the respective bodies.

Tulip is a central government project. This smart city has already started in Dehradun. Soon we are going to start it in all municipal corporations and civic bodies as well. This will strengthen the way of employment for the youth.
– Vinod Kumar Suman, Director, Urban Development

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