Aero Medical Ambulance Service Course will start in AIIMS

In case of a disaster or an accident, if the patient gets the first aid properly in time, then the death rate can be reduced. Usually, staff appointed with ambulances are trained in this work, but in Uttarakhand, two steps ahead, the staff of Heli Medical Ambulance Service will also be made efficient in this task. For this, soon All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) is going to start Rishikesh International Arrow Medical Ambulance Certificate Course. Not only Uttarakhand, the country and other countries of the world will also get the benefit. The special thing is that after the commencement of this course, India will be included in the list of select countries of the world including US, Japan, Israel.

AIIMS Director Prof. Ravikant and Head of Department Prof. Under the direction of Qamar Azam, Dr. Madhur Uniyal, Dr. Shalini Rao and Arun Vargesh have prepared the Aero Medical Ambulance Service Course. It has been named Management in Trauma and acute emergency simulation, education, and practice. It has signed an MoU with the R Adam Cowley Shock Trauma Center, the world’s first trauma center in the US, and the Rambam Health Care Center (University) in Israel.

Both the institutes will help AIIMS Rishikesh to start the Aero Medical Ambulance Service course. Dr. Madhur Uniyal, who is working on the syllabus of the course, told that the helipad has already been constructed under the air ambulance service in the campus of AIIMS Rishikesh, which is working well. Given the disparate geographical conditions of Uttarakhand and the disasters that occur every year, heli ambulance services will have to be increased, if not today, but before that we will need trained staff.

In case of disaster, the death rate can be reduced:
Dr. Madhur Uniyal, working on the course of Arrow Medical Ambulance Service Course, said that he has prepared the complete blueprint for the certificate course. It will be launched soon. The commencement of this course at the institute will help in reducing trauma stroke, heart attack, organ transplant, and maternal mortality along with trauma patients in the event of a disaster in Uttarakhand.

The heli ambulance was envisaged with the aim of connecting this service to provide immediate health care to the serious patients living in inaccessible areas of the state, but it will be realized only when we get all the aspects related to this service and it’s Meet the needs The Arrow Medical Ambulance Service course will undoubtedly play an important role in meeting the advance medical needs in the coming days.
-Pro. Ravikant, Director, AIIMS Rishikesh

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