Actor Sonu Sood appeared for treatment of the security guard’s daughter.

Film actor Sonu Sood has come forward to help the daughter of Nilesh Mishra, who works as a security guard in a Roorkee company. Sonu Sood’s team has handed over a check of one lakh 22 thousand to the girl’s father in Mumbai for treatment of a girl suffering from a rare disease of osteogenic sarcoma till January. Dr. Sanjay Aggarwal, who contacted Sonu Sood through Twitter, and father of the baby girl have expressed their heartfelt gratitude to Sonu Sood.

Nilesh Mishra is a resident of village Nagla Tiwari of Nanda village block in Mathura district. Nilesh Mishra was a longtime security personnel at IIT Roorkee as a contract. After this, till February, he was working as a security guard in a pharmaceutical company in Bhagwanpur. His family is living in the village itself.
His daughter Chahat has been suffering from a rare cancer of bone forming cells called osteogenic sarcoma for almost two and a half years. Its effect is on the left leg of the child. Actually, the girl once fell while riding a bicycle. Then many doctors at the local level did not benefit even after treatment here.

The girl was then referred to Dr. Sadhana Agarwal, Senior Cancer Pathologist at Fortis Hospital, Delhi. Here, there was information about the girl’s foot getting cancer. From here he was referred to Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai in January.

The daughter’s left leg had to be amputated as the infection progressed:
The daughter’s left leg had to be amputated as the infection progressed in August. Nilesh Mishra’s income was very low and due to treatment he was unable to do the job, due to heavy financial crisis. In such a situation, Dr. Sanjay Aggarwal, husband of Dr. Sadhana Aggarwal, a doctor of Fortis Hospital, tried to help him and somehow approached the film actor Sonu Sood.

The victim’s father Nilesh Mishra said that on December 13, his friend Govind Aggarwal and others in Sonu Sood’s team gave him a check of one lakh 22 thousand in Mumbai. He said that till January 15, the hospital had said the same cost for chemotherapy, medicines and artificial legs. Told that Sonu Sood’s team has said to pay the expenses even if it is needed, but it has also said that to try at their level first. Only then will they help further.

Did 17 tweets:
Dr. Sanjay Aggarwal told that Nilesh Mishra was undergoing treatment for his daughter in Mumbai. He is also a follower of Sonu Sood, so it came to his mind that he should be sought for help from Nilesh Mishra. He said that he was tweeted 17 times, but received no reply, when he contacted Govind Agarwal who was in his team at the behest of someone, his team immediately reached out to provide help.

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