The number of active patients crossed 12 thousand.

The number of active patients in the state has crossed 12 thousand. This is increasing the pressure to treat the infected in government hospitals. The demand for oxygen beds is also increasing due to increase in patients in hospitals. The Health Department claims that sufficient quantity of oxygen is available in the state. The capacity of the oxygen bed is being increased by looking at the corona infected cases. So that patients can get oxygen when needed.

Corona infected patients are increasing in the state. Along with this, the number of active patients for treatment in hospitals is increasing. The infected are having trouble breathing. In such a situation, there is a high demand for oxygen beds. However, at present the government has arranged more than three thousand oxygen-rich beds in government and private hospitals. For the treatment of the infected, five hundred oxygen beds are being increased in four districts Dehradun, Udham Singh Nagar, Haldwani and Haridwar. The patient is admitted in hospitals in these districts.
Secretary Health Amit Singh Negi says that there is adequate system for treatment of State Corona patients. There is no lack of oxygen. In view of infected cases, additional oxygen beds are being arranged in the state.

Currently this is the arrangement:

There are 481 ICU beds, 543 ventilators, 1846 oxygen support beds, 30500 isolation beds in the state government hospitals. Together with government and private hospitals, more than three thousand oxygen beds are currently available in the state. There are 418 Covid Care Centers for Corona patients.


Adequate oxygen supply in Haridwar hospitals, no problem:

In the Corona period, oxygen consumption in hospitals has already increased. Due to this, there is a lack of oxygen in some places, but there is no lack of oxygen in the hospitals of Haridwar. Government hospitals also have cylinders for emergency with oxygen concentrator machines. There are 25 oxygen concentrators in the Covid Mela hospital, 15 in the district and 10 in the women’s hospital.

The rates of oxygen used to patients in hospitals have become expensive. There is talk of lack of oxygen in some areas, but there is sufficient supply of oxygen in Haridwar district. Chief Superintendent of Covid Mela Hospital, Dr. Rajesh Gupta said that about 50 oxygen concentrator machines are installed in all three hospitals.

This concentrator machine safeguards patients’ lives by preparing five liters of air per minute from the atmosphere and preparing one liter of medical oxygen. Oxygen can be given to two patients simultaneously with one machine. Their operation theater, SNCU, labor room and emergency room and wards use oxygen produced by this machine instead of cylinders. Dr. Rajesh Gupta said that 30 Jammu cylinders have been kept safe besides the concentrator.

Increased cylinder rates:

The rate of 110 cubic meter pressure oxygen cylinder was Rs 200 before the corona started. Metro Hospital CEO Sandeep Vaishnav said that the supplier has been reduced to Rs 250 as per the new rate list. Anjul Shrimali, director of Matruchhaya Medical Care, New Haridwar, said that 110 cubic meters of pressure oxygen gas cylinders are now being supplied in his hospital for Rs 400. He says that the supplier has reported lack of gas production.

Lack of oxygen in hospitals not in roorkee:
There is no ventilator system for serious patients in Roorkee Civil Hospital. While the civil hospital has the responsibility of millions of population of Roorkee and countryside area. The civil hospital receives hundreds of patients daily. Many of these patients are serious. In such a situation, serious patients have to be referred by the Civil Hospital to the Higher Center.

Whereas Vinay Vishal Nursing Home and Arogyam Hospital in Roorkee have ventilator facilities. In such a situation, serious patients are admitted in these two hospitals only. Physicians claim that oxygen is available as needed. Due to lack of ventilator in the civil hospital, people are forced to take their serious patient to private hospital or outside.

Many times the situation becomes such that serious patient dies due to lack of timely treatment. Due to lack of ventilators, Roorkee hospitals do not require much oxygen. Medical Superintendent Dr. Sanjay Kansal claims that oxygen is available as per the requirement. Dr. Vinay Gupta also claimed oxygen availability.

Normal supply of oxygen in Srinagar Medical College:

Oxygen supply is normal at Kovid Hospital, Government Medical College Srinagar. There is an oxygen plant, which supplies oxygen to the 135-bed Kovid Hospital. Apart from this, 180 cylinders including 80 jumbo cylinders of oxygen are available here. According to medical college’s PRO Arun Badoni, the oxygen pipeline has been fitted in the ground floor and first floor of Kovid Hospital. Work is going on on the second floor.


Oxygen being provided from jumbo cylinders:

Two covid care centers have been set up in Tehri district for the treatment of corona infectives. In Koti Colony and Munikirati. Apart from this, there is a 200 Bed Covid Care Hospital in Narendranagar. Two hundred oxygen cylinders are available at Narendranagar Covid Hospital.


At present, the process of setting up an oxygen generating plant is in motion there. 6 Jumbo Oxygen Cylinders are available at Kovid Care Center Munikireti and 4 at Koti Colony Kovid Care Center. There are 10 oxygen concentrator machines available at Koti Colony Kovid Center and 15 at Munikirati, which run on electricity. 513 people are undergoing treatment at Covid Care Centers. ACMO Dr. LD Semwal informed that oxygen cylinders are available in sufficient quantity in Covid Care Centers and Hospitals.


Oxygen supply from pipeline to Covid Center:

There is currently a system of 100 oxygen cylinders at Covid Center in Chamoli district. In the coming days, oxygen will be supplied from the pipeline at the Covid Center. Work is underway on this. CMO Dr. Guman Singh Rana said that from October the supply of oxygen will be made smooth from the pipeline in the Covid Center in the District Hospital. He said that so far there are about one hundred oxygen cylinders in the Covid Center, which is sufficient. Said that so far no corona infected patient in the district has needed ventilator.


There is complete arrangement of oxygen in Kovid care centers:

The Rishilok Kovid Center Munikireti in Tirthanagri Rishikesh has a complete system of oxygen for corona patients. Dr. Jagdish Joshi, health medical in-charge of Fakot block told that about 150 oxygen cylinders are available in Rishilok Kovid Center. Patients here have not had any problems related to oxygen yet.

Arrangements of 25 oxygen cylinders have also been made for the corona patients at the Bharatbhum Covid Care Center on Haridwar-Shyampur bypass road. Dr. NS Tomar, CMS of SPS Government Hospital, Rishikesh, said that he has full oxygen supply in Bharat Bhoomi Covid Care Center. In Covid Care Center, the patient whose health starts deteriorating, we refer him to AIIMS or Higher Center Dehradun in advance.

AIIMS media incharge Harish Thapliyal said that large tankers supply oxygen to AIIMS. AIIMS has a complete system of oxygen for corona patients. The consumption of oxygen in AIIMS has increased more than a few days.
Consumption of 500 oxygen cylinders a day in STH
There is no dearth of oxygen cylinders at Sushila Tiwari Hospital in Haldwani. 500 Oxygen cylinders available in stock. Here, four and a half to five hundred oxygen cylinders are consumed in a day.

STH has been made Covid 19 Hospital since March and since then, corona infected patients are coming here continuously. There are currently 248 corona infected patients admitted to STH. Four hundred and fifty to five hundred oxygen cylinders are consumed in STH in a day. The consumption of oxygen cylinders is added from 8 am to 8 am the next day.

STH’s MS Dr Arun Joshi said that 82 serious corona patients have been put on highflow oxygen. During the entire period of treatment for serious patients, oxygen is charged between two and a half to three thousand rupees. Five hundred oxygen cylinders remain in reserve.


Adequate oxygen cylinder:

Adequate oxygen arrangements have been made at the quarantine centers on behalf of the administration in Nainital. The administration has created two quarantine centers and three covid care centers in the city. According to Dr. KS Dhami, PMS of BD Pandey Hospital, oxygen cylinders are available in all quarantine centers and covid care centers. Even in the ambulance in which the infected patient is being referred, oxygen has been arranged.


120 liters of oxygen needed daily in Udham Singh Nagar:

The health department is alert in the district about the supply of oxygen amidst the corona epidemic. During the Corona period, according to the need of the health department, oxygen cylinders are being arranged in all the hospitals. The health department in the district is getting oxygen supply from a private oxygen plant at Rudrapur.

Two days ago, the District Hospital received 40 cylinders of oxygen from the Office of the Director General of Health, Dehradun. Dr. Gaurav Agarwal, the in-charge of the district hospital, said that there is no dearth of oxygen cylinders in the district during the Corona epidemic. A month ago, an average of 150 liters of oxygen was being consumed every day. Currently 120 liters of oxygen is required. Adequate oxygen cylinders are present in the Covid hospital in view of the corona epidemic.

There is no lack of oxygen in hospitals in Kashipur:

Covid care centers provide adequate oxygen for corona patients. When the health deteriorates, the patient is being referred to the Higher Center by applying oxygen. Corona Nodal Officer Dr. Amarjeet Singh Sahni said that two Covid Care Centers have been set up at Bajpur and Ramnagar Road.

Where asymptomatic (asymptomatic) patients with corona positive are placed. There are about 100 patients in both centers. Six large oxygen cylinders are placed in both. If the patient’s sudden condition worsens, he can be referred to the Higher Center through oxygen. Serious patients are not kept here. CMS Dr PK Sinha said that adequate oxygen is also available in the isolation wards, emergency room and operation theater of the government hospital.



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