The Uttarakhand government has increased surveillance and vigilance to deal with the new threat of corona virus.

According to the guidelines issued by the Center, arrangements are being made for the prevention of new strains of Corona in the state. People returning from other countries, including Britain, and those coming into contact with them are being identified.

Separate Isolation Wards will be set up in each district for those who have returned from Britain. At the same time, such infected will be treated only in Doon and Haldwani Medical College. Dr. Pankaj Kumar Pandey, Secretary Health, says that arrangements are being made in the state based on the guidelines issued by the Center regarding the new strain of corona virus.

If people returned from Britain are found infected, separate Isolation Wards are being set up in each district for them. At the same time, those coming in contact will be institutionalized quarantine as per ICMR guidelines.

Treatment facility for infected persons returning from abroad is available in two medical colleges in the state. This includes Doon and Haldwani Medical College. He said that RTPCR investigation is being carried out by tracing people returning from UK, UK and other countries and coming in contact.

The National Institute of Virology Institute Pune samples are being sent to find new strains of corona found positive in the investigation. It is not possible to detect new strains of corona in the ongoing Kovid sample testing laboratories in the state.

Another person returned from the UK Corona positive:
Another person returned from the UK has been found corona positive after receiving a new strain of corona virus. The infected patient is a resident of Tehri. He was found corona infected after taking a sample in Doon. The sample will be sent to the National Institute of Virology Lab, Pune, to detect a new corona strain in the infected person.

The infected patient is undergoing treatment at Doon Medical College. The infected person was living in Dehradun after returning from the UK. Tracing was sampled on behalf of the department. RTPCR investigation found sample positive.

Now the sample of infected is being sent by the department. Explain that earlier seven people who had returned from Britain were found to be corona infected. Whose samples have also been sent to Pune for investigation. They have not been reported yet.

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