School bus collapsed in Tehri Garhwal, signs of major accident

The team left for sdrf on the reported accident of a school bus ditch in Kansali near Labgaon (Tehri).
09 casualties and 13 injured in the incident, the injured have been admitted to Madan Hospital.
From the scene, the Tehsildar was told that 02 casualty had taken place and only four casualties had taken place in the hospital.
3 to 4 seriously injured. The injured are being taken to the district hospital.The clear information of the number on the bus was not found. Dmmc Tehri told that there were 18 children in the incident in which 07 casualties have been done and the injured have been admitted to the district hospital.
A heartbreaking road accident occurred near Kangsali village in our region Pratapnagar this morning, 4 children are reported to have died due to the accident of children leaving school early this morning, while 13 children are being injured, out of which 13 6,7 Children’s condition is serious, the vehicle was going to Madan Negi leaving the children, the police administration, SDRF team has left for the incident on the incident, and the injured are currently in Madan negi.
It is very painful for the children of our future to suffer a premature death in this way, may God give peace to the souls of innocent children killed in an accident and the families of children. To give this heart-shocked, lifelong sadness to give this heart-warming incident, the death of the children is very sad, I am personally privatized after the information of this tragedy.
I am very sad, I wish the health of the injured children, how sad it is that in today’s 21st century there is a shortage of doctors, big hospitals in the Dam affected Pratapnagar area, even today, if there are doctors nearby in the area.
If the children were to get treatment quickly, but in the fate of Prabharna Pratapnagar has written pain only, I have often seen in many accidents in my area that the lack of treatment Many of the injured succumb because while they are taken to a place like New Tehri, Rishikesh, Dehradun, Uttarkashi, many of them succumb to this, this same heartbreaking incident of today was also seen if in Pratapnagar. Had there been good facilities in hospitals, if the doctors had been there, perhaps the children could have been saved, or the injured could have been given the right treatment at the earliest, Dharmandal of Pratapnagar Assembly Bar of Kangsali village has been the school vehicle accident extremely sore news, God any such suffering mother, father do not let that equipped Djkr studied the house in the morning children separated forever from parents, extremely painful.

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