Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat said that 10,000 people will be given employment through the forest department.

Under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat, a meeting of the Uttarakhand camp was held at the Secretariat on Wednesday. Chief Minister Trivendra Singh said that along with plantation, attention should also be paid to the development of forests. Continuous monitoring should be done to increase survival rate of plants. The responsibility of the officers should be fixed for this.
The Chief Minister said that the Forest Department can play an important role in the field of employment generation. He said that employment can be created in the areas of water conservation, plantation, nursery development and protection of forest property to provide employment to the returning people of the vision villages of Kovid-19. He said that people returning to their state need employment. The state government is providing employment to about 10 thousand people through 25 Watt solar plants through the Department of Energy. Efforts should also be made by the Forest Department to give employment to at least 10 thousand people. This will benefit both our villages and our forests.
The Chief Minister said that attention should be paid to the use of Bhimal as well as coir net and Pirul check dams for the promotion of Bugyalas. He said that solar fencing is very effective for protection from wild animals, but people also need to be made aware for protection of solar fencing. He said that special efforts should be made to prevent human wildlife conflict. He said that while appreciating the efforts being made by the Forest Department for water promotion, the construction of check dams, chakhalas and trenches for water promotion has been good.
The Chief Minister said that on the occasion of Himalayan Day, 10 thousand rupees can be made available to the schools and colleges of the state for awareness of 10 thousand environment and nature. Through this, public awareness of nature will be spread through schools and colleges.
Forest Minister Dr. Harak Singh Rawat said that the Forest Department is constantly making efforts for conservation and promotion of forests. About 10 thousand people were trained for Bhimal by the Labor Department. These trained people can be used for building coir nets and Pirul check dams etc. for the promotion of Bugyalas.
During the meeting, the details of the last three years under the Uttarakhand Camp Scheme were presented through a presentation by the officials.
Principal Secretary Forest Anand Vardhan, Chief Conservator of Forests Jayaraj, Secretary Amit Negi and high officials of Forest Department were present on the occasion.

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