A girl committed suicide due to indecent messages

In Sri Ganganagar district of Rajasthan, a 17-year-old girl got suicide because she was constantly getting vulgar messages on social media. Some boys were harassing him. He was sending vulgar messages on mobile. Were talking obscenely, spreading a lot of misinformation about that girl on social media. The girl was very upset about all this. He could not see any way and being fed up with all this, he took suicide.

The girl was studying B.Sc in Sri Ganganagar. She was in the first year and her parents live in a village in Ganganagar. About a month and a half ago, the girl had enrolled in the college. Her father said that she was very smart to read. Very few girls are able to study further in their society, in such a situation, when the girl talked about going to college, her parents took a big decision and sent her to college. Her father says she wanted to become a scientist. According to reports, the girl went to her house last week. He tells his father that some boys are harassing him. Sending obscene messages, his father took the mobile number and talked to the boys himself. The boys said at that time that they would not do anything like this from now on. Her number was also blocked by the young lady, but when she reached Sri Ganganagar again, she started receiving messages again. Those boys started harassing her with the second number and finally the woman got fed up and suicided. Police has registered a case against 6 boys. The matter is under investigation .

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