A Dozen Goats Died Due to Thunderbolt in Hindow,Tehri Garhwal.

Tehri: The weather of the mountains of this year becoming a disaster for the people of the hills. Heavy hailstorms and heavy rain are destroying all crops of the farmers of Uttarakhand state. yesterday in the Tehri Garhwal, village Dhung cha had name top, there was a big Thunderbolt, and dozen of Gots are died due to this Thunderbolt.

Goat foster victim Devi Prasad Godiyal says that if they had not been a little behind, they probably would not have been alive like goats, the victim Devi Prasad said that he has informed the local district panchayat member Raghuveer Sajwan and block chief Basumati Ghanata and They have informed the concerned department and in the morning the team of doctors will come on the spot and after investigation, the department will cooperate fully.


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