27 new found infected

In Uttarakhand, there have been cases of death of patients with corona infected cases. No corona-infected patient died in the state within 24 hours on Monday. At the same time, 27 newly infected patients have appeared. The total number of infected has reached 97 thousand.

According to Health Department data, on Monday, the report of 10689 samples has come negative, while 27 people have been found infected with corona in five districts. 16 have been found in Haridwar, six in Dehradun, three in Udham Singh Nagar, one in Tehri, one in Nainital district.

So far 1692 infected people have died in the state. At the same time, the total number of infected has reached 97019. In this 93479 patients have become healthy. At the same time, 26 patients were sent home after recovering. Currently 447 active patients are under treatment.
Vaccination of people between 45 and 60 years of age
It is now the turn of the elderly to get vaccinated to prevent corona virus infection. Vaccination of people between 45 and 60 years has started in Uttarakhand today. Vaccines are being installed at selected booths. Currently, vaccination is being done only in government hospitals.

Vaccination is being done at Doon Hospital in the capital Dehradun. Please tell that people above 60 years only have to bring an identity card. They do not have to bring any sickness certificate. While people aged 45 to 60 years, it is necessary to bring a certificate of illness.
Elder in Haridwar said – PM inspired, we also ready to vaccinate
Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday started the third phase vaccination campaign by getting Covid vaccination. This increased confidence in vaccines among the common people and also broke the last link of inhibitions. The elders of Dharmanagri say that the Prime Minister’s vaccination has sent a big message across the country. Now they too are fully ready to vaccinate.

It is a matter of great pleasure that now the elderly and seriously ill will also be vaccinated. The Prime Minister himself has given a big message to the country by getting the vaccine first. There is no doubt in getting the vaccine now when it comes to its turn.
-Brijbhushan Students

No one is left hesitant about the Covid vaccine now. When the Prime Minister has got himself vaccinated, then surely the vaccine is completely safe. Must visit the vaccination center on the scheduled day.
-Madan Mohan Bansal

The central government has taken a good decision to provide Covid vaccination for the elderly and the critically ill. The good thing is that the Prime Minister himself first came forward for vaccination. I am also fully prepared for vaccination.
-Shyamsundar Sachdeva

It seemed earlier that it would take a long time for the vaccine to reach the common man. But the vaccination campaign is going on very fast. Now that the Prime Minister has injected the vaccine, we are also ready.
– Suresh Chaudhary
Frontline workers wandering for vaccination due to server down
The Kovin portal stopped working on Monday due to server down at Hrishikul Ayurvedic College in Haridwar. Due to this, many frontline line workers could not register even from 10 am to 3 pm. Due to this, many frontline workers could not get the vaccine.

Let the administration give all the frontline workers the last chance of vaccination on Monday. Also, health workers who were not vaccinated were called to the center to give clarification. First the offline registration was done due to the non-working of the Kovin portal, but later online registrations were started after the portal started, but due to server down problem, the frontline workers were not vaccinated even after waiting for hours.

During this time many frontline personnel also expressed strong resentment over the dislocations. The system of physical distancing at the center also collapsed due to the crowd. However, vaccination occurred at the commencement of registration. By the evening, one thousand frontline workers were vaccinated in the center. However, many people could not be vaccinated.

The reason for the confusion was the order of the administration:
The health department had opened 15 centers across the district for vaccination, but the administration ordered frontline workers to come to Rishikul Ayurvedic Hospital for vaccination and clarification. Due to this order, there was confusion among the frontline workers and a large number of frontline workers from Roorkee, Luxor, Roshanabad reached Rishikul Ayurvedic Hospital. This led to chaos.

15 centers were opened for vaccination, but most people from all over the district reached Rishikul Ayurvedic Hospital. The portal was also facing problems. Despite this, one thousand frontline workers were vaccinated. The remaining frontline workers will be vaccinated on Tuesday.
-Ajay Kumar, ACMO, Haridwar

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