[06 Mar 2021] The Uttarakhand Secretariat is now prohibited from performing the ceremony without permission.

Uttarakhand Secretariat is now prohibited

There will also be a ban on loudspeakers and poster banners in the secretariat. The Secretariat Administration Department has issued an order in this regard. The order is implemented with immediate effect.

In an order issued by Additional Secretary Secretariat Administration Jharana Kamathan, it has been said that the program is being organized in the Secretariat without the permission of the competent officer. Loudspeakers are being used in these programs. This is causing disruption in state work.

It has been said in the order that in future, no kind of event or function will be organized in the premises without the permission of the competent officer of the Secretariat Administration. Nor will loudspeakers be used. No organization shall paste the banner in the Secretariat premises without the permission of the Secretariat Administration.

Ban on plastic and cement pots in Uttarakhand government offices
Recently, the Uttarakhand government had banned the use of plastic and cement pots in all government offices under the Local for Handmade Campaign. They were asked to use pottery in their place. Orders have been issued by the General Administration Department in this regard.

This step has been taken by the State Government to encourage the Prime Minister’s self-reliant Local for Handmade Campaign. Under the campaign, the government intends to provide employment to artisans and potters using local products. Also, from the point of view of environment, this initiative is considered to be the need of the hour.

Dr. Pankaj Kumar Pandey, Secretary In-Charge (General Administration) had issued a letter in this regard to all Additional Chief Secretaries, Principal Secretaries, Secretaries, Mandalayuktas, District Magistrates and Head of Departments for all government departments, corporations, establishments.

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