[08-03-2021] CM Trivendra met JP Nadda amid speculation of leadership change in Uttarakhand.


CM Trivendra met JP Nadda amid speculation of leadership change in Uttarakhand.

Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat, who arrived in Delhi amid speculation of a change of leadership in Uttarakhand, met BJP National President JP Nadda late at night. After the meeting, the Chief Minister is expected to meet the Prime Minister and Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Tuesday. The Chief Minister will return to Dehradun after meeting both the top leaders. During the meeting with Nadda, the Chief Minister discussed all the political developments. The meeting lasted more than 50 minutes.

Chief Minister Trivendra met MP Baluni in Delhi
During his stay in Delhi, Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat met Rajya Sabha MP and BJP’s national media in-charge Anil Baluni at his residence on Monday. According to sources, the two leaders chanted for about 45 minutes amid the latest political developments. The chief minister then left to meet BJP national president JP Nadda.

Chief Minister Trivendra in Delhi, market of discussions hot in Doon
Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat suddenly left for Delhi on Monday morning amid discussions of political turmoil in the state. After he went to Delhi, the market of speculation in Dehradun heats up. In fact, the Chief Minister was to participate in an event of International Women’s Day in the summer capital Garrison and inaugurate the Center of Excellence in Employment Internship and Innovation.
But instead of going to Garsain, he gave virtual address to the program from Dehradun itself and left for Delhi. He is accompanied by MLA and state chief spokesperson of BJP Munna Singh and Sunil Uniyal Gama, Mayor of Dehradun Municipal Corporation.

In political circles, the speculation of changing face started to heat up. However, people of the CM camp said that the Chief Minister was already scheduled to go to Delhi. On March 18, when the state government completes four years, the state government is scheduled to organize programs in all 70 assemblies. The Chief Minister has gone to Delhi to discuss the event. The CM camp argued for bad weather instead of moving to Delhi instead of Garsain.

Discussions of four ministers and several MLAs camping in Delhi
After the Chief Minister went to Delhi, the discussion arose in Dehradun that four ministers and several MLAs of the government had camped in Delhi. The names of Cabinet Ministers Satpal Maharaj, Subodh Uniyal, Arvind Pandey and Dr. Harak Singh Rawat were floating in the winds. While cabinet ministers Satpal Maharaj and Subodh Uniyal were present in Dehradun. There was no confirmed information about the rest of the ministers. There was also no clear information about the MLAs.

There is also talk of calling BJP MLAs to Delhi
There was also a discussion in the political winds that the central leadership has summoned all the MLAs of the state BJP to Delhi. The state organization, however, ruled out any such possibility. State BJP president Bhagat said that all are in their areas.

What happened in Delhi, everyone was desperate to know in Uttarakhand
After Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat went to Delhi, in the politics of Uttarakhand, the question was raised that what happened in Delhi? From the offices of political parties to the corridors of the state secretariat, every Delhi was desperate to know the news. The market of speculation kept heating up till late in the night.

Discussions about the change of leadership in the politics of the state had started only after the BJP central leadership was sent observer. However, the party and the CM camp continued to deny these discussions.

But when Chief Minister Trivendra suddenly flew to Delhi, the discussions started to heat up again. In these discussions, not only leadership changes, the names of potential successors of Trivandra also floated. However these discussions were completely denied at the organization level. On the other hand, there was a question on the tongue of everyone from bureaucrats to servants in the state secretariat, what is the political meaning of the Chief Minister’s sudden departure to Delhi? What is the central leadership going to do in Uttarakhand?
Postponement of budget session in midst, confirms BJP’s internal fight: Pritam
Congress state president Pritam Singh says that leaving the budget session in the middle, it is proving that there is tremendous internal infighting in the BJP. The state president said that the opposition surrounded the government on all public welfare issues including inflation, unemployment, farmers, lathi-charge on maternal power, disaster management, sugarcane farmers within the house.

Seeing the government’s performance inside the House, the Opposition realized that everything was not going well in the Government. It was confirmed by political earthquake in Dehradun on Saturday. No minister in the House was able to answer the opposition’s questions during the Question Hour.

Pritam Singh said that despite serious issues like budget, calling Trivendra Singh Rawat and most of his MLAs to leave Dehradun in the midst of Bharadisain session indicates a big storm in BJP.

Pritam Singh referred to the question of change of leadership as an internal matter of BJP and said that BJP’s failure is not hidden by mere change of leadership. People gave the BJP a strong majority and a double-engine government, but the BJP disappointed the people at every step.

Pritam Singh said that now it has become clear that the mind of the BJP government does not seem to be in non-interest. The government does not have time to listen to the problems of MLAs. She spent a full four years resolving the quarrel. The goal of the BJP remains only to gain power.

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