Only 39 infected patients were found on Tuesday.

Only 39 infected patients have been found in Uttarakhand on Tuesday. A patient has died there. 102 patients were discharged compared to the infected. The total number of infected has increased to 95741.

According to Health Department data, on Monday, the investigation report of 7105 samples has come negative. 1636 corona patients have died in the state. A total of 91323 patients have become healthy. Treatment of 1455 active patients is currently underway.

16 Corona Warriors honored in Haridwar:
On behalf of Arya Vanaprastha Ashram Jwalapur, awarded the Corona Warriors, who worked under the subject of the coronary. 16 warriors were given the insignia in addition to the cash sign.

The Liaison Officer of the organization Vijay Kumar Sudan said that the Warriors were honored on behalf of Additional District Magistrate KK Mishra. The ashram chief Dinesh Kumar Pandey and minister Savita Verma said that 16 warriors were awarded with a sum of Rs 40,300.

During this, many people including Bhajan singer Dinesh Pathik, Ashram Deputy Principal Master Om Prakash were present.

Corona should not be a wall in the faith, government should take appropriate steps: Kaler
Aam Aadmi Party President SS Kaler said that the Corona wall should not be built between religion and faith in the Kumbh Mela to be held in Haridwar. For this, the government should take appropriate steps. So that devotees coming from the country and the world can take a holy dip in the Ganges.

The AAP president said in a statement that the Center has issued SOP for the Kumbh that is going to start in Haridwar from 27 February. In which the Center has made it clear that the same people will be allowed to enter Kumbh, who will have IRTPCR report of 72 hours interval. Along with this, people coming here will also have to bring medical certificates from their city hospitals or medical colleges.

He said that Kumbh is such a mahaparva of faith and faith, for which the government has a moral responsibility to take care of the faith of every devotee who comes here. In such a situation, the government will have to take measures to prevent the corona virus. People from all over the country who bathed in Kumbh did not have to return. Blue print will also have to be prepared for this.

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