250 corona warriors honored in military hospital…

The Corona Warriors, who were fighting the war against Corona, were honored at the military hospital. Commandant Brigadier GS Rathore of Kumaon Regiment Center honored the army physicians, staff personnel, the environmental friends of the Cantonment Council and the police personnel. In honor of Corona Warriors, the KRC band also emboldened the Corona Warriors by giving an enchanting rendition of patriotic songs. During this, 250 Corona warriors were honored. Brigadier GS Rathore said that Corona Veer is fighting the war against Corona without risking his life without worrying about his family. He also came forward from social organizations to talk about honoring the Corona heroes. So that the corona warriors’ morale can increase. Commandant GS Rathore said that the army is fully prepared to fight Corona. The military officers present at the event honored the Corona Warriors by applause. Several military officers were present in the honor ceremony including CO Colonel PV Mathur of the Military Hospital, Adam Commandant SS Karade.

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