2021 Maha Kumbh will be held in Haridwar at the scheduled time …

Haridwar– National President of Akhil Bhartiya Akhara Parishad Mahant Narendra Giri said that in the year 2021, Kumbh Mela will be held at Haridwar at the scheduled time. He said that this is a divine event and the tradition cannot be changed. It is said that due to Corona crisis, the construction work of Kumbh has relaxed.

The President of the Akhara Council held a meeting with the saints at the Shri Niranjani Panchayati Arena in Haridwar. Giving information about the meeting, he said that circumstances have changed due to the Corona crisis in the country. If similar circumstances continue in future, then according to the new circumstances the nature of Kumbh will be considered, but the fair will be on its own time. Said that there is still a lot of time in Kumbh, a meeting of 13 Akharas will be called when the time comes. Mahant Narendra Giri said that he had a telephone conversation with Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat regarding Kumbh. The Chief Minister assured them that they could soon call the Akhara Council members to Dehradun or even come to Haridwar and discuss with them. He said that the state government should expedite the construction work related to Kumbh. Representatives of Shri Panchayati Arena, big nostalgic, Shri Panchayati Arena new apathy, Shri Panchayati Arena Mahanirvani and Shri Panchayati Arena Nirmal were present in the meeting.


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