In an effort to encroach on No Man’s Land again, the Nepal government halted development in response to India’s objection.

In an effort to encroach on No Man's Land again, the Nepal government halted development in response to India's objection.

There is an attempt to encroach again on behalf of Nepal in No Man’s Land near Brahmadev. During the Corona period, the dugout was being done for the construction of a culvert on the occupied land by putting wire. At present, the Nepal administration has stopped the construction work on the objection of the Indian authorities. On Tuesday, the administration, police, and SSB teams will inspect the border site.

The border dispute between two countries due to the disappearance of Border Pillar

The border dispute between the two countries remains due to the disappearance of the Border Pillar in the Nepal border adjoining Tanakpur. In July 2020, there was a lot of controversy due to the encroachment of the disputed land at the northern end of the Brahmadev market by the forest committee and citizens of Nepal. Nepal has been claiming this land as a no man’s land by the Indian administration.

Border disputes have also often arisen in meetings between the officials of the border districts of the two countries. A joint survey of the Indo-Nepal border had started last year, but due to Corona infection, the survey had to be closed midway. In July, the dispute over encroachment by Nepal was pacified that a dispute has been created by Nepal trying to build on the disputed land once again.

Nepal starts digging for bridge construction

At the northern end of the culvert at the beginning of Brahmadev, Nepal started digging for the construction of the culvert. If found, the SSB and the police did an on-the-spot terrestrial inspection and gave the report to the higher officials.

SDM Himanshu Kafaltia said that an objection has been raised by negotiating with the Nepal District Magistrate on the construction in the disputed area. After this, the construction has been stopped. He said that on Tuesday, a joint team of administration, police, and SSB will inspect the border area and take stock of the disputed site.

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