Heavy rains and snowfall are expected at many places in the state.


There are chances of heavy rains with thunder on Sunday in various parts of the state. Light to moderate rain may occur at many places. State Meteorological Center has issued an alert regarding this.

On Sunday, there was drizzle in the capital in the early hours of Sunday. After which it was cloudy. Today, most areas of the state were cloudy. There is also a possibility of snowfall in high altitude areas.

According to the Meteorological Center, light to moderate rains are likely to occur at most places in Uttarakhand on Sunday. Snowfall is also expected at places with an altitude of more than three thousand meters. At the same time, heavy rains are likely in Uttarkashi, Chamoli and Pithoragarh districts.

Snowfall is forecast at places of three thousand meters and above. There is also a possibility of hail, celestial lightning in some places in the hill areas of the state. Foggy winds are likely to occur at some places in the state. Whereas, in Dehradun district, there are chances of hailstorm at some places with thunder showers.

Burning Jungle:
A fierce fire has spread in the jungles of areas around Srinagar. The forest near Dang Mohalla near Srinagar is also on fire. While the forest near Sendrigaon in the Kirtinagar block has been burning for the past six days.

At the same time, the fire in the forest near the residential colony and Thapli residential colony of Garhwal University in Chauras area has been extinguished with the help of forest personnel and local people. On the other hand, Ranger Budhi Prakash of Maniknath forest area told that the reserved forest area is safe from fire. All the personnel have been instructed to be vigilant. In most places, there is a fire in the forests of the civil area.

Fire in the pine forests in the Pati-Devidhura region:
The fire in the pine forests of Pati and Devidhura area of ​​Champawat is taking a fierce form. In many places, forest fires have started reaching residential houses. This creates an atmosphere of fear among the people. People allege that no concerted efforts are being made by the Forest Department to control the fire.

Due to the spread of smoke and mist in the air, people are having trouble breathing. On the other hand, due to fire in the forests along the Nepal border in the development block Lohaghat, the forests have been damaged. The fire was controlled with the help of fire department personnel. A sudden fire broke out in the forests near Pancheshwar area on Friday night.

Following the information received by the fire department, the team rushed towards the site of the incident. Mohan Singh Thapa of the fire department told that the fire was spreading rapidly in the hills of the hill above the road. Where the water tender was difficult to reach. The fire department extinguished the fire from the beating mathsard from the green twigs of the tree. Shyam Singh, Bhupendra Singh Bisht, Govind Paneru, Pramod Kumar, etc. were present in the fire brigade team.

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